Guest Houses

Host guests or offer short-term rentals with your custom guest house.

Welcome family and friends or generate income with a custom guest house. Designed for comfort and privacy, a custom guest house can be designed to incorporate a wide range of options and features. Together, we will create a guest house that perfectly fits your style and requirements. From cozy and rustic to sleek and modern, the options are limitless.

Quality craftsmanship.

Improve your lifestyle with a stress-free renovation or custom build. Our experienced team will take care of your entire project from start to finish.

Versatile Spaces

Fully Customizable

Purpose-Driven Design

Guest House features...

Additional sleeping areas.

Take your hospitality to new levels with additional bedrooms or imaginative bunk beds. We design guest house bedrooms and sleeping areas that:

  • Meet your unique needs of the space
  • Blend seamlessly with the rest of the guest house
  • Provide additional flexibility when hosting guests
  • Offer the opportunity for a rental space

We can also incorporate additional features such as built-in storage, en suite bathrooms, and balconies.

Privacy for guests.

Offering your visitors a private kitchen and living area will provide space for your guests to enjoy down-time. Guest house comforts and amenities can include:

  • A cozy seating area with fireplace
  • An open concept lounge with entertainment area
  • A full kitchen with bar, or a basic kitchenette
  • A three-piece bathroom, sauna, or a half-bath

These guest house features allow for hosting without feeling crowded.

A photo of a custom guest house designed and built by Wentworth Construction.

Wide variety of styles.

A custom guest house can be designed to be a seamless extension of your home and reflect your style. We achieve your vision through:

  • Offering designs from modern and contemporary, to traditional and rustic
  • Using high-quality materials and finishes for a stunning addition
  • Providing custom woodwork, stone, and brickwork
  • Enhancing character by adding unique architectural details

We’ll work closely with with you throughout the entire design and construction process.

The path to your custom build.

1. Request a quote.

2. Receive a design plan and estimate.

3. Watch your vision come to life.

Upgrade your space to reflect your lifestyle.

Expand your home’s comforts and add a touch of luxury to your property with a custom guest house.