Interior Renovation Trends

A photo of a Wentworth Construction team member working on a renovation.

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Nature and sustainability continues to be the driving force for inspiration in interior design and construction.

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1. Embracing Nature with Natural Materials and Colors:

Integrating natural elements within interiors remains a timeless trend. Whether its infusing earthy tones using interior paint and textiles, to incorporating organic textures like wood, stone, or rattan. The use of natural materials creates a sense of harmony and connection with the environment outside. These elements not only add visual warmth but also evoke a calm and tranquil ambiance within our living spaces, the same feeling we get when we are outdoors.


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2. Blurring the Lines Between Inside and Outside:

The distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces is becoming increasingly blurred. Imagine it, large windows with an abundance of natural light, adding some green with indoor plants, and incorporating natural materials that make you feel like you’re part of nature. It’s not just about making things look good inside; it’s about creating this open, airy atmosphere that makes you feel connected to the world beyond your walls.


3. Greening Our Interiors:

The presence of plants within our living spaces continues to be a home décor staple. Besides their aesthetic appeal, these botanical accents breathe life into our interiors and purify the air, infusing our spaces with freshness and vitality